19 November 2021

A Collaboration Focused on the Future: BuildingMinds and LineMetrics Join Forces

How to provide fertile ground for a more sustainable tomorrow? Future-oriented goals call for the input of bright minds.

It's no coincidence that we're using the plural form here. Collaboration enables reaching the most optimized results and bears fruit the fastest.

BuildingMinds and LineMetrics are at the forefront of digitization in the real estate industry. It makes them natural allies to work together on the burning issues of sustainability and "New Work."

The potential for digitization and optimization in real estate is enormous. Not to mention how crucial it became during the current environmental and coronavirus crises.

We need to take environmental responsibilities seriously. With time, failing to follow them will be more and more noticeable. Asset owners, investors, and corporates will have to face not only moral but also financial repercussions. The future price tag for CO2 emissions is overwhelming, even for big players.

Together with LineMetrics, we know that creating the fundamentals for the future comes with challenges. Amongst the most significant—a lack of readily available building data.

Luckily, there’s a solution. 

The answer lies in having structured, harmonized, and systematized data—like the one gathered within the Common Data Model (CDM) for real estate. The CDM is being developed constantly by the International Building Performance & Data Initiative (IBPDI). It's the first global, industry-wide data and performance standard for real estate. Together with partners, prominently amongst them LineMetrics, we collaborate to grow the CDM.

But we both have a lot more in common than contributing to this global initiative and for starters, we both use a digital twin. 

LineMetrics has been introducing IoT-based technologies into the market since 2012. The company drives the digitalization of the real estate industry. They cooperate with asset and facility management companies, the public sector, and software platforms. 

Their product is currently the simplest to deploy a solution on the market to collect sensor data from existing buildings. Retrofitting the buildings via Plug & Play technology makes indoor climate, air quality, resource consumption, and space use more measurable.

The Plug & Play devices make it easy to get started and come with a complete package with a smart build-measure-learn approach that you can scale up at any time.

What do we, BuildingMinds, bring to the table? 

Our contribution boils down to skillfully handling the ever-increasing complexity of building-related data—we've established a CDM-based data platform for top-notch performance in this department. Do you remember the "structured, harmonized, and systematized data" that we mentioned before? Here, the dream of the future is put into practice.

Our platform is combined with data from other sources, such as utility companies, ERP, and CAFM systems.

This multi-faceted system lets us provide you with invaluable insight—from the development and implementation of decarbonization path strategies, opportunities for space optimization, to other sustainable management segments, to countless asset optimization methods.

No wonder the entire operation leads to an increase in the profitability of the real estate investment and helps protect the asset value.

LineMetrics’ partnership with BuildingMinds gives birth to the total solution, where the sensor devices that collect data introduced by LineMetrics connect our platform to the real world. 


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