Managed buildings are living, growing, and continually evolving ecosystems. They function on a complex system of processes driven by compliance requirements, service contracts, tenant agreements, and an incredible amount of constantly generated data from information systems, equipment, infrastructure, and occupant activity.

Although building management professionals face no shortage of challenges, the most significant is that all their data systems and workflows are being managed as individual components and not the fully interconnected holistic ecosystems they are.

With the overwhelming number of workflows, siloed IT systems, contractors and staff members, occupants, and increasingly stringent compliance regulations, facility managers are no longer able to keep up with all of the demands. For asset managers, responsible for entire portfolios of buildings, the complexity and lack of visibility is even more significant.

In real terms, this lack of visibility into how the systems and workflows function together as a whole results in high inefficiencies, increased compliance risks, duplicated effort, wasted resources, higher costs, lower asset value, and more.

The only way for technology to truly solve the myriad challenges that these fragmented systems and workflows present is breaking buildings free of their information silos and connecting the entire ecosystem in one holistic digital hub.

This is why BuildingMinds is dedicated to providing the first true end-to-end platform that seamlessly connects building processes and assets with asset managers, building owners, facility managers, tenants, and service providers. We know that effective building management comes down to connecting people and systems to the right information at the right time in the right way with the right level of detail.

To meet this need, the digital hub has to deliver some very important interoperable functionalities:

  • Digital Building Twin that provides the ability to build a digital representation that includes the manual and digital workflows, data sources, and digital islands being managed within the building
  • A closed loop process platform, linked with the governance and operations processes in the Digital Building Twin, that seamlessly distributes the data between all involved stakeholders
  • Data analytics coupled with machine learning to continually analyze the integrated data for new insights to support the business at every level and ensure the digital hub is future-proofed
  • Open APIs to offer the capability of connecting with the many siloed IT systems and software services used within buildings to form one transparent and efficient ecosystem

Technology has finally advanced to the point that all of this functionality is not only possible but is completely necessary to achieve the business benefits for which facilities managers, portfolio managers, and building owners are striving. They benefit by saving money through better orchestration of contractors, facility managers, etc. They can ensure compliance is maintained at all times and on all systems. They achieve increased value over time due to transparency into the buildings. The data points of the digital twin, coupled with Data Analytics and AI, uncovers early indicators for future service correlation – how to monetize data in the future with new services, how much can be saved with predictive maintenance, support negotiation of new contracts with contractors, and more.

If you’re ready to see how your buildings can benefit, contact us today.