The product of a dynamic and diverse team

Industry experts from a broad range of backgrounds, unique perspectives, and professional skills form the leadership team of BuildingMinds. Most importantly, the team is made up of forward-thinking minds with the passion to transform an ambitious vision into true business value for customers.

Jens Müller

Chief Executive Officer

As the guiding force of the BuildingMinds project, Jens oversees the daily operations of the company and the work of senior executives. Adding extensive experience in the industry and as a leader, he was formally Vice President of Corporate Development & Innovation at the IoT startup relayr and Senior Manager in several areas at Cisco.

I’m proud to be part of a team building a vision for the future of real estate. A vision of an industry supported by comprehensive data-driven insights, creating a new degree of knowledge that will make it both more efficient and more sustainable.

Tobias Decker

Chief Product Officer

Tobias and his team are developing our product-agnostic SaaS platform that enables the management of large real estate portfolios on the basis of data-driven insights. Together with different co-innovation partners, Tobias and the team are responsible for mapping out various use cases for advanced portfolio management. He was formally responsible for the product development of real estate applications at SAP SE as Head of LoB Real Estate.

Bringing the real estate industry into the world of data isn’t just an exciting endeavor, it’s an essential revolution. I’m more than proud to be a part of this team of creative minds that has the potential take the real estate industry to the next level.

Duncan Binger

Chief Technology Officer

Duncan and his team are building the solution that enables the management of large real estate portfolios on the basis of data-driven insights, machine learning and AI. By leveraging Microsoft's intelligent cloud, the team is using legacy-free, cutting-edge technology and agile development methods for its future-oriented and globally scalable data platform and ecosystem. He worked previously as a researcher and many years as a technology and management consultant before joining Schindler and later BuildingMinds.

I am passionate about how technology and teams create innovative products. As part of this team, I can contribute to solutions that address sustainability, both economic and ecological, and the general well-being of all.

Christoph Korzenek

Chief Commercial Officer

Christoph and his team are developing and implementing effective go-to-market strategies and engaging closely with partners and customers to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Combining expertise in business development, sales, marketing and professional services, Christoph and his team keep the customer at the center of their thinking at all stages of the product lifecycle. He was formally a manager at BearingPoint driving digital transformation and change management at international corporations.

With a great team of experts, we’re bringing our unique solutions to life and continuously maximizing product value for our customers.

Lina Yu

Chief Customer Experience Officer

Lina is devoted to building a strong team in the Asia Pacific region, ensuring product-market fit and serving the customers with best-in-class real estate portfolio and building management data platform. Lina also works with ecosystem partners from the region to develop the go-to-market strategy. The regional commercial operations for professional services and software-as-a-service business build on this. She formally held various leadership positions at Schindler in the areas of strategic planning, after-sales service and organization development.

I am inspired by the diverse BuildingMinds team and enjoy working together with them to transform the way buildings are managed.

Marcel Steffen

Chief Financial Officer

Marcel and his team are responsible for providing accurate, effective and efficient handling of all BuildingMinds financial matters including management of funding & liquidity, proper transaction recording, budgeting and financial reporting. He was formally assigned to various IT and finance positions in the Schindler Group, most recently as Finance Director of the Schindler Digital Group.

I love working for BuildingMinds because it’s great to build up a new business with a brilliant team from greenfield and transform a vision into reality while re-shaping the entire real estate industry sustainably.

Hansjörg Magli

Chief People Officer

Hansjörg forms the foundation for a team of devoted minds with the mission of shaping the future of the building management industry. Starting in 1981 as an Industrial Engineer, he spent more than 39 years at Schindler, contributing to the success of the company and taking on increasingly impressive and forward-thinking roles all the way to VP Global Information Technology for Schindler Digital Business.

I’m devoted to bringing together the right team at the right time and in the right places – think different, think people!

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