The minds building the future

As a start-up in the heart of Berlin, we offer the freedom to be creative with the forward-thinking that comes from being on the forefront of disrupting an entire industry. With the full backing of Schindler, we have the stability, support and resources of an established world leader in the building industry. This enables us to bring together the best of two worlds to create a truly unique culture of creativity, accelerated innovation and learning. We value speed, agility, creativity, and doing whatever it takes to meet our goals.

Driven by strong beliefs

We thrive on the strength of diversity. We’re growing a team of experts from different backgrounds focused on the mission of sustainability and revolutionizing the role of data for an entire industry. With the goal of achieving nothing but the best for our team and our clients, we’re radically disrupting and continuously improving the way we think.

Being catalysts and enablers of an agile transformation, we empower cross-functional teams, self-organization and failure culture. We’re willing to take risks, fail, learn and fail better next time. We trust every single individual, value every single idea and everything we do drives the goal of achieving excellence for our clients and partners and of contributing to a more sustainable future.

Meet the teams

Development Team

With multiple scrum teams, we’re set up for strong collaborative learning and output from individuals as a team. Our tech stack is aims at empowering our customers to make smarter decisions based on transparent high-quality data. We leverage the power of Microsoft’s Azure cloud with a modern open source stack to help our organization and clients meet business challenges. Some of the core tools in our developers’ playground are Angular 9, Node.js, Typescript and Python. We rely heavily on different big data and AI services on Azure such as Datalake, Datafactory and Azure ML to name a few.

Product Team

Working closely with our colleagues from the development and commercial teams, we develop a product that’s in a class of its own because it’s truly comprehensive and accounts for the entire spectrum of building portfolios. We work cross-functionally along a set of different tasks from product management to UX/UI design and customer support. Our co-innovation partners are fully integrated into the product development right from the beginning to ensure they receive market feedback as early as possible, adapt more quickly and deliver an excellent solution that perfectly suits our customers’ needs.

Commercial Team

We’re devoted to engaging partners, customers and prospects in our company vision in the same way that we’re excited about the vision itself. There’s strong cooperation with our colleagues from the product and development teams to understand, improve and design our solutions and services. We see ourselves as a hub, combining visionary product ideas, market requirements and specific customer needs for one single purpose: supporting our customers and partners in taking real estate portfolio management to the next level.

Employee and Business Partner Teams

We value and encourage a diverse team from all over the world, maximizing the individual and organizational potential and position of BuildingMinds as an employer of choice. By constantly anticipating our teams’ needs and benchmarking our company, we’re able to constantly adapt to the changing needs of a modern working environment. We’re very proud of our team and continuously strive to help them grow professionally. We believe that it doesn’t just matter what we do, but also how we do it. That’s why we strive to create both an effective and enjoyable climate to boost the professional and social impact in our team and beyond.

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