BuildingMinds as GRESB Premier Partner

Solving the biggest pain point: data gathering

Three months is the average time period required until a GRESB report is ready to hand in. BuildingMinds puts an end to time-consuming data gathering and fault-prone consolidation processes. Here is how:

  • Simplified data collection with APIs facilitating automated data exchange, BuildingMinds’ web app CaptureX reduces error rates to a minimum and maximizes efficiency, and a team of data experts dedicated to support data collection
  • GRESB performance KPIs are an integral part of the BuildingMinds ESG Management Solution and its data framework which enables to use them for multi-year and multi-purpose analysis

Delivering a plus beyond ESG reporting

The BuildingMinds real estate data platform makes it possible to use data for much more than mere reporting. It allows users to set up diligently calculated action plans for carbon risk reduction and portfolio value preservation through:

  • Future carbon risk simulations with carbon cost calculations and benchmarking of emission pathways against standards such as the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM)
  • Advanced retrofit scenario analytics to identify the investments and actions with the best impact on asset, fund or portfolio level
GRESB assessments show that comprehensive asset-level data, facilitated through data platforms, is vital to set, report and achieve net zero targets. Steven Pringle GRESB Director of Members Relations

Manage ESG end-to-end

Analyzing, reporting or simulating actions about building or portfolio emissions needs one thing above all: Reliable and automated sustainability data management. BuildingMinds’ ESG Management Solution enables users to collect, evaluate and benchmark their data against different scoring systems, certificates and standards such as GRESB or CRREM. And its capabilities go much further, making possible to predict and simulate both stranding and retrofit actions with their respective ecological and financial implications.

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Capture it with CaptureX

BuildingMinds’ CaptureX smart web app finally puts an end to manual data gathering via fault-prone Excel spreadsheets and emails. How? CaptureX is built to compliment already existing data collection methods like those for ESG reporting with custom-built data entry forms and workflows. CaptureX reduces the time spent on data gathering, minimizes human errors in reports, and maximizes information quality along the entire process.

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Join the ESG Masterclass

Starting a company’s sustainability journey is a complicated matter – especially in an industry as fragmented and complex as real estate. The experts at BuildingMinds have collected exclusive, actionable insights on key sustainability topics for portfolio managers, such as ESG reporting, data collection, carbon risk calculation and retrofit scenario analysis. Enroll for free and start receiving our five Email Masterclasses.

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