The Future is Human and we are ready for it.

With buildings now accounting for some 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, there is good reason to consider buildings as the number one focus area for emissions reduction activities. Based on current estimates, somewhere around 80-85% of building stock expected to exist in 2050 is already here today.

The challenge: future-proofing existing portfolios and establishing a holistic, highly adaptive building and portfolio management.

At the heart of it all: Data

The built environment has much to gain from data-driven analysis: A recent study at Sungkyunkwan University found compelling evidence that modern energy analysis of “real life” buildings is far better served by data-driven models such as machine learning as opposed to classical forward models.

We at BuildingMinds believe…

…that with the democratization of data and the integration of AI, we can forge a path towards a more sustainable future. Our over 60-strong team is transforming the way buildings around the world are managed. Based on our integrated cloud platform, we’re providing strategies and tools for building owners and investors globally to manage their portfolios, effectively combining sustainability, people satisfaction and profitability – from a holistic, birds-eye view of the portfolio and a grass-roots, granular building focus.

Recent years have seen investment in sustainable assets grow by 17% per year to exceed $30 billion globally by the end of 2018, according to the GSI Alliance. Experts see this annual growth rate passing 20% through 2019 and, with initiatives like the European Green Deal, upwards of 22% in 2020.

With our services, we are accompanying our partners to leverage digitalization and to sustainably manage the portfolios in the future.

How to Meet Us?

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