Turning the inevitable into a business advantage

44% of asset managers want to be in line with ESG criteria, but only 7.7% are considering holistic measures. You can tip the balance with insights from Roger Baumann, COO Global Real Estate at Zurich Insurance, and Jens Mueller, CEO BuildingMinds, from their exclusive leaders’ handbook, part of PwC’s book “ESG management in real estate.”


Yes, net-zero is a huge challenge. But Roger and Jens have the secret sauce of how to break it down into simple steps that enable managers to create impactful, measurable action plans.

And it’s not just theory. Their methods have already withstood the first practical test — together, they reduced the greenhouse gas emissions of Zurich’s real estate portfolio by 20%.

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We know what we’re up against with net-zero. The only way to tame this beast is through uncompromising transparency and determination. Roger Baumann COO Global Real Estate at Zurich Insurance

Zurich Insurance: Switzerland’s largest insurer

Together with BuildingMinds, Zurich has set out to collect, analyze and visually present all insights needed for an effective decarbonization plan for its Swiss real estate portfolio.

Alstria: a large German Real Estate Investment Trust

Together with BuildingMinds, Alstria develops a sustainability reporting tool to enhance the industry’s efforts for sustainable building management and decarbonization.