In Fall 2019, we got involved in the Smart Buildings IOT Challenge 2020, an exciting competition organized by Trusted IOT Alliance and Industrial Internet Consortium. As one of the category finalists, we learned a lot along the way and got valuable insights into all aspects of the future of smart buildings.

As our Product Manager Min Wang explains: Innovation has always been a part of BuildingMinds’ DNA and we love to get challenged. As part of the Smart Buildings Challenge, we enjoyed collaborating with different players in the ecosystem and working on solving real-life problems.

Six of our team members participated in the challenge. As the solution we provide our customers in the real world is an end-to-end product, we wanted to make sure that this would be reflected in the challenge. That’s why our team members came from all levels and different departments, including our product, business development, and technology teams.

The challenge consisted of three workshops, where we had the pleasure of meeting companies in the ecosystem who are eager to make a change in the industry with passion and enthusiasm. We also enjoyed simulating a business case and understanding how the complexity of different stakeholders plays in. For us, it’s important to understand the nature of their work but also their organizations’ common goal.

As a result, we learned a lot about what the industry has to offer and the different, exciting building technology providers out there. As our COO, Jens Müller, puts it, The team gained lots of new experience, got challenged, and built our network and ecosystem.Together with these other players in the industry, we can provide solutions that will revolutionize the way buildings are operated and maintained with smart devices and the power of data.

A big thank you to all team members of the BuildingMinds team for the great job!