The last couple of weeks have been filled with great articles and new insights. Here are some of the most interesting things to cross our feeds lately.

  • Here’s How Much Cities Contribute to the World’s Carbon Footprint – “The analysis calculated emissions in 13,000 cities, making it the most wide-scale look at cities’ carbon footprints to date. The results, the international research team says, illuminate the degree to which residents of just a few cities can contribute to a country’s overall footprint.”
  • 10 Ways Women Can Climb the CRE Ladder: BOMA 2019 – “Carving out a career in a traditionally male-dominated industry like commercial real estate can be a daunting proposition for women at the beginning of their careers. However, women can climb the CRE career ladder by capitalizing on their own strengths and creating a culture of inclusivity, according to panelists at the women’s breakfast during the annual BOMA International Conference & Expo.”
  • You’re Hired. Now Wear This Headset to Learn the Job. – “High-tech devices have played a central role in white-collar workplaces for decades, with a screen in front of nearly every face, and employees’ days spent on email, spreadsheets and video conferences. Now, companies like Microsoft see a multibillion-dollar opportunity to get more personal technology, including the HoloLens, in the hands of workers who don’t sit behind a desk.”
  • The climate change policy with the most potential is the most neglected – “The dire urgency of the climate crisis and the scale of the task ahead lay bare the obvious answer: We need both deployment and innovation. Lots more of both.”
  • Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free – “Government seeks to prioritise environment and end some of world’s worst traffic congestion”
  • Bill Gates: Biggest impact of AI may be decades away, but society needs to prepare now – “We have many decades to get this right, but it is a fairly dramatic thing that you want to get society broadly involved in helping you think about with plenty of lead time.”
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence): An Extinction Event For The Corporate World? – “Siebel believes that if companies do not engage in digital transformation, the prospects for success will be bleak. This means that CEOs must lead the process and become much more knowledgeable about technology. In other words, all CEOs will need to deeply rethink their businesses.”
  • How to Use Big Data to Improve Occupant Experience – “The traditional answer to a building’s purpose is that a building should be a clean, safe, comfortable space. What’s the goal of a facility manager? For a long time, that answer was that facility management ran the operations of a building, from keeping the lights on to sweeping the floors, and everything in between. Today, new entrants and forward thinkers in facility management would have a completely different answer to these fundamental questions.”
  • 3 Commissioning Mistakes Can Undermine Sustainability Efforts – “Including commissioning on the front end of a project can save huge headaches down the road. But follow this advice to make sure to get commissioning right.”
  • 4 Convention Centers Making Strides in Sustainability – “Convention centers—some of the largest buildings in city centers—are leading the way [in sustainability] by spearheading big renovations to make their facilities more environmentally friendly and adjusting their catering services, recycling and composting programs.”
  • The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is The Fear Of AI – “The question now is not whether AI is coming (it is here), or how large an impact it will have (it could automate 35% of our jobs by the 2030s and is at the center of the burgeoning “Tech War” between China and the United States). It is instead how society will choose to engage with this new revolution.”

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