Have you been keeping up with what’s happening in the world of buildings lately? Here are some of the most interesting articles and new insights we’ve been reading.

  1. Tech 101: Digital Twins – “It’s important to note that a digital twin is a concept, not a single product or a piece of software, writes tech executive Vijay Raghunathan in Entrepreneur. In fact, the idea involves multiple technologies including 3D simulation, AI and cloud computing.”
  2. Global digital twin market grows at almost 38% CAGR during 2018-19 – “Factors such as less vendor dependency, easier customization, and provision of higher security will play a significant role in the on-premise segment to maintain its market position. Also, our global digital twin market report looks at factors such as industry 4.0 and industrial IoT, increase in demand for predictive maintenance and real-time data for monitoring, and need for reduced time-to-market and improved decision making.”
  3. 5 Steps to Get the Most from Green Roofs – “Green roofs are becoming more and more popular because of a variety of benefits. Here are some tips to get the most from a green roof.”
  4. (Video) Jean-Philippe Courtois and Silvio Napoli discussion – They dive deep on the partnership between Microsoft and Schindler Group, and talked about how BuildingMinds is evolving the building industry so it can make the most of digital transformation.
  5. Cape Town almost ran out of water. Here’s how it averted the crisis – “Cape Town’s water crisis got so bad last year that there were competitions to see who could wash their shirts the least. Restaurants and businesses were encouraging people not to flush after going to the toilet. The city was just 90 days away from turning off the taps.”
  6. Listen Up! How to Improve Occupant Experience – “A good starting point is to handle complaints with a healthy dose of empathy.”
  7. Artificial Intelligence Pushes ‘Commoditized’ Wind and Solar Power Into the Money – “In April, for the first time in the U.S., renewables generated more electricity than coal, according to the Energy Information Administration. Now that renewable technologies like wind and solar are largely commoditized, investors and utilities are looking for ways to improve their margins, and they’re turning to startups in artificial intelligence to do it.”
  8. The Intelligent Edge Revolution – “The next wave – one that’s already happening – comes when cheap connected devices with powerful sensors become truly ubiquitous in all of our physical environments, and when those devices become powerful enough to use the techniques of artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with their surroundings and the people in them. We call this combination of connected devices with powerful sensors and AI the Intelligent Edge.”
  9. Why Flexible, Open Office Furniture Is Vital For Quickly Growing Companies – “When done right, an open office can help the financial health of a business, and also enhance productivity and engagement for its hardworking employees.”
  10. 7 Emerging Trends Changing Facilities – “There is no question the world around us is changing, and it seems to be doing so at an increasingly faster pace. So how does one keep up?”

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