Digital Building Twin and Common Data Model

The mighty heart of the platform

The Digital Building Twin is the centerpiece of the BuildingMinds platform and facilitates comprehensive real estate portfolio and building management. Building Twins are a highly accurate and comprehensive representation of every building asset. Combining static and dynamic information, they integrate spaces, areas, equipment, sensors and documents into a single ecosystem. Digital Building and Portfolio Twins are the repository for all kinds of data across the entire building lifecycle, delivering data-driven insights in real time. 

Digital Building Twins are by no means generic, one-size-fits-all tools. They grow and evolve based on individual business needs. The mature they are, the more their data allows analytics that help organizations to make better business decisions.

The formula that makes data speak

The counterpart to the Digital Building Twin that makes data really utilizable is data harmonization and standardization. BuildingMinds is founding partner of the International Building Performance & Data Initiative (, bringing together industry leaders and relevant stakeholders to create a universal industry data framework.

It is called the Common Data Model for Real Estate (CDM) and it describes and defines standard entities across all essential real estate management areas, including operations, market and environment to lifecycle management. The CDM lays the foundation for:

  • A new level of transparency and insights across all real estate value chain processes
  • Reduced time and complexity of data collection
  • Advanced automation and data-driven decision making processes across individual assets and portfolios
  • The application of emerging tech, such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Setting the foundation for AI

The greatest potential to preserve and enhance business value is to develop digital business agility on the basis of the intelligence and foresight of AI-rendered scenarios. Through the development of the Common Data Model for Real Estate, BuildingMinds delivers an unprecedented variety of data-driven insights, portfolio transparency and real-time information across the entire ecosystem. Based on this holistic understanding of data collection, the BuildingMinds platform is building the necessary groundwork to apply machine learning and AI in the future.

BuildingMinds Platform

Want to know how your data can augment your value? Based on a uniquely holistic, open, yet secure approach, the BuildingMinds platform enables an unprecedented level of real estate data analytics for all kinds of use cases.

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Integration Ecosystem

Looking for zero data gaps? BuildingMinds enables you to connect with any data source and to integrate any type of data. Plus: thanks to Smart Services, data collection is tailored to your individual requirements.

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Trust Center

Make your data your data! With state-of-the art security features, the BuildingMinds solution ensures that data stays where it belongs: in the hands of the customer with maximum security and complete control.

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