Growing digital maturity

More than ever, future-proof business management will require the ability to make thousands of informed decisions for specific situations. BuildingMinds accompanies real estate businesses on every step of their journey from comprehensive data integration to the development of advanced business intelligence based on AI and deep learning capabilities.  Uniquely designed services offer customers the best-possible benefit of standardization as well as individual customization wherever it’s needed.

Smart real estate players make decisions that optimize their businesses in the here and now. The smartest players also think about how the real estate landscape may be permanently changed in the future and will alter their strategy. Jens Mueller CEO BuildingMinds

Creating business intelligence

The BuildingMinds central solution makes it possible to implement immediate operational gains as well as holistic planning capabilities from a global portfolio perspective down to detailed building focus. On the basis of a seamless data integration and harmonization, the Digital Building Twin provides the intelligent structure for insights through a variety of key portfolio management cockpits and collaboration services.

The greatest potential to preserve and enhance business value, however, is to develop digital business agility that's founded in the reliable factuality of current data and the foresight of AI-rendered scenarios. Strategically focused accelerator modules e.g. in the area of building operations or decarbonization management put real estate players in the position to react to future volatility in the market by having effectively calculated and visualized possible consequences. By enabling intelligent scenario planning and prescriptive management capabilities, BuildingMinds enables real estate businesses to finally unleash the exponential power of their data.

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