Creating a mighty lingua franca

In collaboration with Microsoft, BuildingMinds develops a Common Data Model (CDM) for the entire real estate industry.

The CDM forms a structure in a mere data lake – a collection of schemas with entities, attributes and relationships representing the most commonly used concepts and activities in real estate.

A new level of interoperability

BuildingMinds and Microsoft are founding partners of the International Building Performance & Data Initiative, which brings all of the industry’s data-applicable structures, roles, processes and standards together into one foundational data framework. It covers crucial real estate management areas from operations, over market and environment to lifecycle management and coordinates them based on compatible data, cross-cluster benchmarking and industry-specific KPIs.

  • A fast and scalable data environment
  • Application of business-specific KPIs, standards and classification methods
  • Decoupling of data and software applications towards a more dynamic use and exchange of data
  • Advanced automation and empowered management capabilities through emerging tech, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Benchmarking of data, both internal and external

Finally the CDM lays the foundation for innovative productivity applications and a truly comprehensive information framework for advanced building asset and portfolio management.

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