The powerful heart of the platform

The Digital Building Twin is the centerpiece that integrates all the data sources within real estate into a single ecosystem. It’s comprised of static and dynamic information and creates a highly accurate and comprehensive presentation of a building asset. The Digital Building Twin feeds the analytics engine to deliver data-driven insights and facilitates and visualizes processes for all stakeholders around multiple lifecycle stages.

From data to actionable insights

The BuildingMinds platform is able to deliver unprecedented insights, transparency and real-time information to all stakeholders across the entire ecosystem. With its machine learning and AI capabilities it provides and enriches context across all relevant data over time, enables increasing levels of automation and supports real estate companies to gain digital maturity.

  • Trusted insights: executive dashboards, reports and visualizations
  • Deep insights: monitoring, exploration and diagnostics
  • Predictive capabilities: advanced analytics determining what will happen next
  • Prescriptive capabilities: business optimization scenario testing and simulating
  • Automation: augmented human intelligence with cognitive AI

Growing analytical intelligence

Digital Building Twins are by no means generic, one-size-fits-all tools. They grow and evolve based on individual business needs and the maturity level of data. By continuously adding data sources, the more robust and meaningful the visibility, insights, and benefits it generates will become. Also, BuildingMinds will train itself for better results and a higher degree of automation with every single task.

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