A uniquely integrated concept

The core elements of the BuildingMinds platform are a Digital Building Twin and a Common Data Model and they make it possible to integrate all kinds of data for unprecedented insights. The API-first approach allows for multi-directional integration with all kinds of data sources and systems, enabling comprehensive data enrichment. Finally leveraging machine learning and AI, real estate portfolio management can be taken to the next level.

The powerful partnership with Microsoft

Partnering with Microsoft, BuildingMinds joined forces with one of the strongest players in the IT market for its technical base. Microsoft’s Azure serves as the cloud platform and the jointly developed Common Data Model harmonizes all kinds of data silos in one single system. The robust and sustainable technology platform unites powerful technology with deep real estate expertise.

Open by design

Through its API first approach, the BuildingMinds platform makes it possible to connect and interact with all kinds of data for an unprecedented holistic and dynamic view on real estate portfolios.

Intelligent data orchestration

No matter which ERP software, CRM system, industry applications or customized extensions are used, data from all sources can be integrated and processed through a single pane of glass. The BuildingMinds platform can ingest data from streaming, online or batch data sources in various formats. Third-party or customer applications can easily integrate and connect to the platform’s cloud services through its developer-friendly REST APIs in just a few simple steps.

Collected data is harmonized using the Common Data Model for real estate, which provides the semantic layer needed to turn mere data into structured information.

Apps for various real estate use cases

Through a constantly growing number of value-adding apps, BuildingMinds makes it possible to capitalize on data value in various areas like transaction management, budget approvals, service procurement, field surveys, utility meter reading or building equipment monitoring.

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