Strong data governance

The cloud-based BuildingMinds platform offers a single management and access plane for all its data-enabling complete control, audit trails and seamless access along the entire building and portfolio life cycle.

State-of-the-art security

Built on the proven and secure cloud infrastructure offered by Microsoft Azure, BuildingMinds invests heavily in constantly monitoring and enhancing security of its platform to adhere to even the most demanding data governance requirements.

To build any open platform and, simultaneously, guarantee a secure, granular authorization process is by no means a contradiction. BuildingMinds adopted state-of-the-art and standards-based authentication technology based on Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory service in combination with OAuth2, token-based authorization to control access to the platform.

A built-in safety net

To ensure security, BuildingMinds applies encryption to all data, both at rest and in transit. Through continuous vulnerability scans, regular internal and external security audits, multi-point code reviews, and SIEM monitoring, we strive to minimize potential attack vectors and the chance of security incidents.

All access permissions can be set individually by the administrators of each customer. BuildingMinds may use anonymized data to train and improve AI models and algorithms only if the customer explicitly consents. Customers keep owning all their data on the platform and BuildingMinds takes any action to prevent unauthorized access.

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