Building a powerful partnership

Personalized professional services provide support throughout the entire journey, from initial ideation through benefits realization, ensuring all of the support needed for successful implementation and beyond. To maximize the customer value, BuildingMinds solutions are designed to enable as much customization as possible and to ensure the best-possible scalability through standardization at the same time.

A customized journey built for success

At the initial stage of a project, all relevant data are identified, structured and integrated. Two major project streams lay the cornerstone to unleash the power of data:

  • Data structuring: data harmonization and mapping in CDM, data governance and compliance, creation of a repository for master data
  • Platform integration: integrating all kinds of relevant data into the BuildingMinds platform, connecting various applications to the platform and defining user access and information structures. The BuildingMinds platform integrates both internal and external solutions depending on what delivers the best possible data quality and result for the customer.

Professional Services at BuildingMinds

Relevant product modules are chosen based on individual customer needs to meet both strategic and operational requirements. Based on a structured scoping and the implementation process, the platform with its targeted functionalities is implemented step by step. The professional services team supports the customer lifecycle at every step, enabling solutions and ensuring maximum value is realized.