Living customer centricity

Our customer support team’s mission is to make all customers confidently use the platform. Thanks to a continuously growing knowledge base, users from all levels can obtain best-in-class training content and concrete answers for their specific questions. To constantly improve the experience, customer feedback is directly integrated into the product optimization processes.

Striving for nothing less than customer satisfaction through every interaction

We believe in what we do and work to inspire our customers – every interaction with our customers as an opportunity to hear their feedback and build a better product for them.

We are dedicated to our customers’ success – and always going the extra mile to help our customers to reach their goals.

We treat every customer as an individual – and don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions, but rather solve the individual challenges at hand.

We own our mistakes – we take responsibility for them, apologize, and work to fix the issues.

We resolve customer issues without creating unnecessary hurdles – that means without delays and unnecessary escalation with the issue’s individual owner.

We deliver on what we promise – no ghosting our customers without resolving their problem.

We’re the domain experts that the domain experts rely on – the customer support team consists of technology experts who are competent in real estate industry.

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