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ESG and sustainability

To deliver best-in-class results for customers, BuildingMinds provides smart add-on services and products from specialized partners which seamlessly integrate with the real estate data platform. Offerings range from data collection to ESG consulting and retrofit measure planning.

Data collection

Data collection for e.g. ESG reporting becomes more efficient and reliable with value-add services and apps such as the BuildingMinds CaptureX web app that simplifies the manual data collection  process, or Lava Energy smart meters that ease building consumption data gathering.


BuildingMinds works with selected, highly accomplished partners like pom+ and agradblue°. Their expert consulting services support to develop actionable strategies in the areas of decarbonization roadmaps and digitalization with e.g. near real-time building management.

Retrofit planning

To complement the ESG Management Solution with its retrofit action and impact simulation, BuildingMinds integrates retrofit measures provided by specialized partners. They enhance decarbonization roadmaps with retrofit actions and project the impact on CapEx and cost savings.

Building and experience

BuildingMinds’ smart add-on services also cover building and occupant experience management. Ranging from simplified tenant data gathering and sensor data collection to innovative building equipment management and large-scale system integration, they help customers take building insights to the next level.

Data collection

BuildingMinds collaborates with various IoT partners for add-on services in the area of space and equipment management. Partner services from Wattsense or Linemetrics allow to monitor space utilization, desk and room bookings, CO2, temperature, sound, illumination and many more. BuildingMinds’ EQ Capture App and further IoT integrations enable to manage equipment and workflows more efficiently.


BuildingMinds provides consulting and support on a bi-directional integration with further solutions – from in-house developed customer solutions to large enterprise technologies such as Microsoft Outlook and PowerApps. BuildingMinds’ growing specialized partner network also includes building operations consulting services like Westbridge who developed the EQ Capture app for building equipment management with BuildingMinds.

BIM and more

To manage and visually present all the data gathered from well-being, space, desk and room utilization, and equipment, the BuildingMinds platform is able to facilitate 2D plans and 3D BIM models. BuildingMinds also supports embedding enhanced visualization tools – from classic walkthrough videos to indoor navigation from e.g. NavVis, Indoor 360° Photo Tours, Drone Laser Recordings, GIS Maps and Data.

Capture it with BuildingMinds’ smart survey tool CaptureX

The BuildingMinds CaptureX smart web app finally puts an end to manual data gathering via fault-prone Excel spreadsheets and emails. How? CaptureX is built to complement existing data collection methods with custom-built forms and workflows that minimize human errors and maximize information quality along the entire process.

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Easily capture equipment information with EQ Capture

Together with Westbridge, BuildingMinds has developed the EQ Capture smart app, which puts an end to tedious, inefficient equipment information gathering and management. How? It makes it possible to easily capture all equipment with a smart phone and transfer structured data to any system or application at the push of a button.

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