Set value-add business strategies for global portfolio management

Strategic asset and space management

Develop location-based lease or buy strategies, manage property-related business risks and create flexible space solutions across multiple facilities based on holistic insights.

Implement agile business strategies for all types of assets, areas and space

Optimize cost as well as lease contracts and conditions

Reduce real estate cost with internal and external benchmarking

Analyze and compare lease conditions for better negotiation positions and improved rent or buy strategies

Plan building and workplace capacities including new metrics like employee well-being

Cost, lease and insurance management

Integrate multiple data streams in the BuildingMinds platform and generate insights from portfolio to single-building level.

Benchmark operational building and utility consumption costs

Analyze cost KPIs from portfolio level down to a single space

Optimize insurance cost and conditions for buildings, property, equipment, machinery, and inventory

Compare lease contracts and conditions with internal and external KPIs to improve negotiation positions

Automatically import recurring data through system integrations or form-based surveys

Export data for external processes in a few clicks