Cost, lease and insurance management

Integrate multiple data streams in the BuildingMinds platform and generate insights from portfolio to single-building level.

Benchmark operational building and utility consumption costs

Analyze cost KPIs from portfolio level down to a single space

Optimize insurance cost and conditions for buildings, property, equipment, machinery, and inventory

Compare lease contracts and conditions with internal and external KPIs to improve negotiation positions

Automatically import recurring data through system integrations or form-based surveys

Export data for external processes in a few clicks

Industry benchmarks and standards

Benchmark portfolio and space performance with peers and industry standards within the BuildingMinds platform.

Harmonize area measurement data using industry standards such as DIN 277-1, GIF, IPMS, RICS or BOMA

Compare areas between different standards in order to identify potentials

Benchmark assets based on harmonized data and KPIs

Easily export data for external processes

Seamless, customizable integration

Apply the company’s organizational structure on the BuildingMinds platform for the individual insights and processes needed.

Integrate a multi-level portfolio structure including sub-portfolios

Apply the company’s individual organizational structure and flexibly change it

Assign sites and buildings to any organizational level

Create dynamic dashboards and reportings

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