Predict space demand with flexible workspace management

Value-add space flexibility

Develop agile space strategies with insights for more efficient usage, better working conditions and cost efficiency. Identify future trends and respond to changing business needs in one click.

Conduct advanced space utilization analysis and provide exactly the space that’s needed

Benchmark historical or near-real time occupations and analyze peaks/lows to decide the best course of action

Reduce energy consumption and save operational costs based on utilization patterns

Keep employees safe and healthy by implementing social distancing measures based on space utilization insight

Increase employee productivity with individually optimized workspaces and improved working conditions

Smart workplaces with 360° integration

Connect all kinds of applications and combine isolated information for a fully integrated workplace management across all areas. Especially during and after the pandemic crises, task force leaders have to make informed decisions to safely reopen locations. Companies need to manage how physical spaces are used by their employees and tenants now and in the future.

The BuildingMinds platform doesn’t only integrate with any kind of system or app – the generated usage data can be utilized to optimize workplace safety, efficiency, collaboration and productivity on a long-term, strategic level.

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