Data gathering – smartly engineered, simple to use

Leading through better insights

CREM faces the challenge of a complex system landscape with most processes and applications being poorly aligned. Extracting and validating data is a daunting task. BuildingMinds connects data silos, integrates all systems and provides customers true data ownership. With its open APIs and standard connectors to existing ecosystems, the BuildingMinds platform provides the secure data foundation needed to make CREM a business value driver.

Equipment capture app

Together with Westbridge, BuildingMinds has developed the smart app “EQ Capture” which makes it possible to capture and manage any kind of building equipment. The end-to-end app is fully integrated with the BuildingMinds platform and allows to efficiently manage equipment, meet regulatory demands or prepare reports. Even the download for external use is as straight-forward and simple as the use of any other mobile application.

Data capturing web app

The BuildingMinds web app “CaptureX” makes it possible to easily fill data gaps by capturing any missing information at its very source. Stakeholders inside and outside an organization can enter all kinds of manual-entry data with on-the-spot surveys and audits that are as simple as to use an email system. The CaptureX web app seamlessly integrates with the BuildingMinds platform and allows the seamless integration of data from insurances, lease management, sustainability, building master data and many more.

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