Take net-zero actions with predictive resource and footprint management

360° consumption management

Visualize all consumption and emissions data in one dashboard. Take energy efficiency to a new level: combine energy source-specific monitoring with benchmarking and correlating data like specific weather conditions.

Create easy, reliable reports with no time spent on data collection and correction

Visualize all consumption and emissions KPIs in interactive dashboards

Track and analyze daily, weekly or yearly patterns to identify trends and seasonal fluctuations

Benchmark performance against the portfolio, building groups or single buildings

Save costs by identifying outliers, improving energy efficiency or improved energy contracts

Carbon footprint analysis

Set your carbon goals and benchmark the effectiveness of each net-zero action. Evaluate scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions on market- or location-level, for portfolio, sub-portfolios, business units, regions or individual buildings. Get actionable insights for effective footprint reduction.

Visualize all KPIs in interactive dashboards

Automatically translate energy consumption and fugitives into CO2-equivalents according to industry standards

Track total emissions as well as intensity figures over time

Create reliable reporting of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions according to Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Decarbonization roadmap definition

Determine an effective decarbonization action plan that fits the portfolio strategy. Draw actionable insights from carbon risk analysis to retrofit roadmaps and from single buildings to the entire portfolio.

Analyze building performance over time based on energy mix and predicted consumption

Benchmark energy and carbon intensity to CRREM targets

Conduct carbon price simulations from portfolio to building level

Calculate and compare savings from modernization efforts

Find the carbon ROI: Determine the break-even for modernization efforts

Calculate operational carbon savings from transition to more sustainable energy sources or modernization efforts

Intelligent data strategies

The BuildingMinds platform integrates an unprecedented scope of data and systems to provide a unified, transparent overview of all relevant sustainability data. By partnering with Microsoft, BuildingMinds joined forces with one of the strongest players in the IT market for its technical base. Microsoft’s Azure serves as the cloud platform and the jointly developed Common Data Model harmonizes all kinds of data silos in one single system.

The API-first approach ensures the integration of any software, system or utility provider portal, and smart data collection apps enable to fill data gaps for reports, benchmarking and certification schemes in one place. Finally, data extraction is simple and straightforward.

On this foundation, it takes one click to unlock new efficiency potential and make CREM a strategic value driver.

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