Increase productivity with real time well-being management

Employee well-being as a metric

Determine the right way to measure and increase employee well-being by monitoring all KPIs in the BuildingMinds solution. Easily integrate IoT sensors to improve the buildings added value for its occupants.

Monitor building KPIs such as temperature, CO2 concentration, humidity, sound level or even illuminance of single buildings, floors or spaces

Benchmark well-being metrics against best-practice and define strategic actions

Conduct comprehensive benchmarking with historical values, such as previous peaks and lows to find outliers

Combine space utilization and energy consumption data for deeper insights

…is how much improved people well-being in terms of lightning or access to natural environment positively affects business bottom line.

(Source: JLL, World Green Building Council)

Create work(place) efficiency

Connect all data sources in one platform to improve spaces even at a single-building level and maximize insights at the portfolio level.

Improve resource efficiency without compromising people well-being

Reduce cost and employee inconvenience through predictive maintenance

Optimize space allocation and utilization to improve working conditions and occupancy rates

Improve soft services like smart cleaning, room booking or collaboration opportunities across all areas

Increase employee productivity with individually optimized workspaces and improved working conditions