Reshaping real estate: the pioneering project with Schindler

Reshaping real estate with data

Devoted to making the real estate industry drive a positive impact on the planet and people's wellbeing in and around buildings, BuildingMinds and Schindler have set up a lighthouse project to make this vision a reality: The digitalization of Schindler Innovation Campus buildings.

To achieve the exceptional, millions of data points were connected, previously isolated information was clustered and integrated in a Digital Building Twin on a cloud-based platform. Tracking all relevant parameters over time in near-real time, building management is finally advanced to deliver real business value.

Workspaces can be optimized for improved employee wellbeing, retention and to win the war for talent. Cost can be reduced based on better contract conditions, predictive maintenance, smart services, and less energy consumption. And finally, sustainability can be turned into concrete action by efficiently and effectively using resources.

The pioneering pilot project of Schindler and BuildingMinds

Pioneering 360° building digitalization

Tenants, employees and even stakeholders increasingly expect state-of-the-art experiences in and around buildings, facilitated through advanced analytics providing insight into space and service utilization, employee well-being, health and productivity and energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Adopting machine learning, IoT and AI to drive decision-making moves corporate real estate management from the fringes of business strategy to the center stage. The BuildingMinds solution integrates all data into a single source of truth, stores them in a Digital Building Twin and prepares them in a way that the potential of these technologies can be unleashed for a new quality of insights and decision-making.

A revolutionary step in Schindler real estate

Schindler is one of the world’s leading providers of elevators, escalators, and moving walkways, as well as maintenance and modernization services. The Schindler Group has over 1000 branch offices in more than 100 countries, as well as production sites and research and development facilities in the US, Brazil, Europe, China, and India.

With the renovation of the Schindler Campus in Berlin, Schindler has set out to go beyond a mere update of their physical assets. With digitalization in every detail and from the outset, Schindler sets an example for advanced building management in the digital age.

A team of thirty from Schindler and BuildingMinds are working on a co-innovation project that comprises the creation of a Digital Building Twin for buildings on the Schindler Campus. The projects consist of core work streams, representing the basis of real estate digitalization projects:

  • Digital Building Twin – including creation of a 3D BIM model
  • Capturing technical building equipment and integrating it into the 3D BIM model
  • IoT – space & equipment utilization
  • Integration of 3rd-party systems
  • Energy monitoring & well-being

Connecting all data points of a single building enables unprecedented efficiency potential. Connecting an entire portfolio of hundreds of buildings unfolds the potential to exponentially increase value – to sustainably reshape the future of real estate.

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