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ESG reporting with a plus

Gather data once, use it for multiple reporting frameworks

What’s needed to effectively comply to all reporting standards? The answer is a central ESG data warehouse. BuildingMinds’ holistic data process helps you capture and manage all the data vital for reporting in a single source of truth and allows you to reuse the same foundation for multiple reporting standards such as GRESB, ECORE, SFDR or TFCD.

  • Thanks to BuildingMinds’ powerful API-first approach, you can extract, transform and import data from any system onto the BuildingMinds platform, thus building a strong ESG data reporting foundation
  • Fill in your missing data and build a solid foundation with our Data Survey web app by creating simple surveys where property managers can input the data not available digitally
  • Increase efficiency and reduce the complexity and costs involved in complying to different ESG reporting standards and drive engagement within the entire organization
GRESB logo

Improve your GRESB score

As an official GRESB data partner, BuildingMinds allows you to transfer asset-level performance data to the GRESB portal automatically via API.

You can map your asset performance data to the latest GRESB structure with data preview and validation services. What’s more, our platform’s data validation ensures financial-grade data quality to comply with GRESB standards and improve your GRESB scores.

ECORE logo

Paris-ready with the ECORE standard

As an ECORE solution partner, BuildingMinds enables you to leverage your stored asset-level data to report to the ECORE standard and show your commitment to actively addressing sustainability.

BuildingMinds allows you to directly transfer mandatory data classified by ECORE, such as the collection and analysis of consumption data, carbon and waste generation and assessment of energy consumption and carbon.

TCFD logo

Align with TCFD framework

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) is established by the financial stability board to help investors understand the financial risks and opportunities that companies face regarding climate change.

With our financial-grade data foundation on asset-level, you can comply to 90% of the mandatory recommendations, identify data gaps for future improvements and show commitment towards climate risk management.

SFDR logo

Flexible toolkit for SFDR

BuildingMinds supports you with the most challenging part of SFDR: reporting on product-level Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) within the parameters mandatory for the real estate industry.
Use a central data foundation to easily map 5 out of 7 mandatory PAIs, such as fossil fuels exposure, energy efficiency, GHG emissions, energy intensity and bio consumption or bio diversity and reduce time and cost for SFDR reporting.

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