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Making net-zero a portfolio asset

BuildingMinds’ ESG Management Solution is tailored to manage decarbonization holistically and to fully support dedicated roles in their function. Asset owners and managers are empowered to understand, identify and manage financial risks by integrating ESG and climate factors into the investment process. ESG and sustainability managers are provided with all the metrics needed to measure resource data, manage green building certifications and use their preferred reports framework.

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Consumption analysis and carbon emissions calculation


Analyze the status quo: get all consumption and emissions data from different energy sources and fugitive emissions in a single, reliable insights cockpit on the BuildingMinds platform and identify immediate operational gains and cost reductions. This module provides:

  • Data gathering and normalization
  • Resource consumption analysis of energy, water and waste
  • Operational carbon emission tracking
  • GHG 1, 2 & 3 emissions scoping
  • Storing and analytics of historical and current data

Our pricing reflects the individual situation and needs of our customers and is based on the size of our customers’ building portfolio, the digital maturity of their organizations and the individual use cases they require.

Carbon risk calculation and ESG reporting


Predict future value: conduct carbon price simulations and avoid the stranding of your assets by knowing exactly when, how and why they will underperform on financial and ecological KPIs. This option includes everything from the Standard module plus:

  • Transition risk calculation based on CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor) pathways
  • Carbon emissions cost impact simulation on entire portfolio, individual countries or single buildings
  • Overview of energy and carbon intensity for entire portfolios, regions, business units or individual buildings
  • Comply to the reporting standard such as GRESB, SFDR, GRI and the EU Taxonomy as per your organization needs

Retrofits planning and impact assessment


Turn your goals into actions and preserve your portfolio’s value: run simulations to identify the retrofit scenario with the best balance of carbon emissions, future carbon savings and capital expenditures. This module includes everything from the Advanced module plus:

  • Retrofit roadmap overview and carbon footprint impact simulation
  • Carbon ROI calculation based on the comparison of carbon emissions of retrofits to determine when their cost levels out with operational savings

Boost your net-zero action plan


Complement our ESG solution with additional services that reflect the current and future needs of your organization. All value-added can be booked separately:

  • Physical climate risk integration and asset exposure visualization based on Munich Re’s global database
  • Partner service management for data-collection, data-cleansing, data-monitoring and reporting
  • Additional ESG reporting and standards such as SFDR, TCFD, EU taxonomy
  • Advanced trainings and support from our experts
  • Individual company branding
  • Modules beyond ESG such as space management, building experience or portfolio management
Ready to turn your ESG goals into actions? Get to know our solution and learn how you can make your data deliver on your goals. In just 30 minutes. Book your meeting

Calculating transition risk with CRREM

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Be among the first to precisely calculate the stranding moment of your real estate assets and the financial implications. BuildingMinds is the first solution that integrates CRREM to determine carbon reduction pathways.

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ESG data integration

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Build a powerful data foundation for your ESG strategy. Our team of data strategists, engineers and analysts accompany you step-by-step on a customized ESG journey that will enable you to unleash the full power of your data.

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ESG reporting with a plus: a central ESG data warehouse

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BuildingMinds’ holistic data process helps you capture and manage all the data vital for reporting and allows you to reuse the same foundation for multiple reporting standards such as GRESB, ECORE, SFDR or TFCD.

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Integrating physical climate risk with Munich Re

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Leverage asset-level intelligence for decision-making and investor engagement: thanks to our partnership with Munich Re, you can visualize and benchmark your assets’ physical climate risk exposure across multiple scenarios and timeframes within the BuildingMinds platform.

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Ready to make a move? Get to know our solution and learn how you can make your data deliver on your goals. In just 30 minutes. Book your meeting


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