Sustainably driving portfolio value

Future-proofing business requires both profitability in the here and now, and agile strategies for an increasingly complex future. By integrating an unprecedented scope of data and leveraging machine learning and AI for scenario planning, real estate investment managers can go beyond mere asset optimization. Advanced, data-driven business intelligence empowers to identify new business potentials and to unfold intelligent risk mitigation strategies.

Improving performance analytics

With every bit of information from building to market context at the fingertips, the BuildingMinds platform enables improved day-to-day and strategic business decisions. Finance analytics can be enriched with market information to better analyze and forecast investments. Lease management can be improved with tenant structure information, building condition determination, smart lease contract and cost management. Finally, service provider contract management becomes more powerful thanks to the combination with independent building data aggregation.

Successfully implementing decarbonization strategies

With sustainability becoming a determining business KPI, decarbonization is key to preserve and increase economic value as well as ecological balance of real estate portfolios. BuildingMinds addresses the core topics for the real estate sector based on the integration and intelligent benchmarking of data in its platform: transparency of carbon emissions, resource efficiency and future-proofing buildings against climate risk.

Resource consumption and operational carbon footprint

The BuildingMinds solution delivers detailed multi-level data analysis and visualization for energy, water, waste and refrigerants. The automated calculation and interactive visualization of emissions from different energy sources and fugitive emissions in CO2-equivalents according to industry standards enables to actively manage sustainability in operations.

Carbon risk analysis and action simulations

The BuildingMinds solution enables benchmarking of energy and carbon intensity against country- and building type-specific CRREM targets based on Paris climate targets. It allows to analyze costs and impact of government fees or penalties on carbon emissions and to perform comprehensive scenario analysis with regards to pricing, retrofits and modernizations.

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