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To create the most energy-efficient building retrofit in the world
was the ambitious goal of Anthony Malkin, CEO of the Empire State Realty Trust.

With a team of leading real estate experts, Malkin took on the challenge of finding the most effective retrofit actions, aiming to achieve the goal of emission reductions with a 3-year ROI.

The remarkable outcome?
8 powerful retrofit actions, 40% decreased carbon emissions, 1 clear roadmap, and a payback period of 3 years.

Buildings currently account for 38% of energy-related CO2 emissions – more than the transport sector.
If we could put all the best minds together on this particular task, it could fulfill all of my objectives in life, ranging from making money to making the world a better place.
Anthony Malkin,
CEO of the Empire State Realty Trust
You all have different decarbonization goals, but you share one enemy: unreliable data. According to Accenture 19% of CO2 emissions can be saved through data-driven building management. But: 71% of real estate companies see the lack of transparency and quality of their data as a major challenge.
Challenge the status quo and make digital real estate your value driver:
50 % in sustainability and resilience of portfolios, 35 % in building maintenance and operational efficiency, 20 % in productivity through reduced sick time of eomployees, and 15 % in space utilization.
EY Study, “The Age of Aquarius in construction and real estate”
In the noise of all information, change, and regulations, data has the power to uncover common threads in your portfolio.
Tobias Decker,
CPO BuildingMinds

100 % data ownership

At BuildingMinds, we put your data where it belongs: in your hands. With a single source of truth that integrates all your systems and software.

We let your data speak.

Building on our industry-leading Common Data Model, we provide the foundation for unlimited analytics.

We amplify your strategy.

Uniting sustainability expertise with digital intelligence, we provide the right tools to navigate to net zero.

If we’re going to hit any of the dates out there like 2030 or 2050 to be carbon neutral, you need to be investing between $2 and $5 trillion every year in retrofitting buildings.
Greg Smithies,
Fifth Wall Partner

Eliminate any blind spot

Use the power of your data and create the non-negotiable foundation of your carbon footprint: Visualize all consumption and emissions data in one cockpit.

Build your competitive advantage

Use the insights at your fingertips to track how your buildings comply with regulations and market standards like CRREM, GRESB or ECORE. One-click reports let you focus on what really matters: reducing emissions while increasing your competitive advantage.

Lead the way

Stop wasting time with a lukewarm approach. Fully integrate your 5-, 10- or 20-year decarbonization targets with your economic goals, and start building your assets’ value with data-driven real estate management. Assess the impact of carbon pricing on your portfolio and simulate the nature and effect of retrofit measures on your emissions, carbon ROI and costs to decide for the best course of action.

Achieving net zero 2050 and economic efficiency requires a radical move. We have to manage buildings no longer as static objects but as information ecosystems that build their value on data.
Jens Mueller,
CEO BuildingMinds

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