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“Sustainability and digitalization in real estate are inseparably linked.”

Jens Müller

Jens Müller
COO BuildingMinds

Roger Baumann
COO, Zurich Insurance Company

Roger Baumann

With buildings now accounting for some 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide emission and with 80% of the buildings of 2050 already in existence, there is good reason to consider buildings as the number one focus area for emissions reduction activities. The key to profitable portfolio management in the future will be the transformation of physical assets into data and its utilization for predictive and prescriptive management capabilities.

Meet BuildingMinds

By leveraging Schindler’s extensive domain expertise and Microsoft’s powerful cloud capabilities BuildingMinds is transforming the way buildings around the world are managed.

The integrated platform enabling Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence transfers your physical assets into the digital world in order to effectively combine decarbonization strategies, people satisfaction targets and profitability KPI’s.

Learn with BuildingMinds

Join our webinar and get in-depth insights on how digitalization is providing an answer for green and sustainable building management. Discuss with Jens Müller, COO of BuildingMinds and Roger Baumann, COO of Zurich Insurance Company.

05/05/2020, 11:00AM CEST.

Registrations for the webinar are closed. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Stay tuned for the updates.

Webinar 01: Sustainability