“Smart real estate players have the tools to manage today’s crisis.
The smartest players also think about how the real estate landscape may be
permanently changed in the future and will alter their strategy.”


It’s time to get a handle on what’s happened and consider what’s to come. One of the most effective methods for dealing with an uncertain future in the real estate market is to examine the multitude of future scenarios based on the data we start gathering today. That enables more effective risk management, more agile business strategy, more sound future investment and improved sustainability.

This is not the time to put digitalization progress on hold.
It’s a chance to drive it forward.

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As a business transformation driver, we’re offering this white paper as a resource to help real estate managers get oriented in these changing times and prioritize their efforts to create more agile business strategies and sustainable portfolios for the future.

BuildingMinds was founded to transform the way building portfolios are operated and managed by providing a platform that offers data-driven insights powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. These comprehensive insights offer a single source of truth and the best-possible foundation for decision-making in all aspects of a portfolio, which can coordinate and communicate thanks to an industry-specific common data model. The pairing of an integrated cloud platform with a digital building twin offers previously impossible insights, creating a more transparent, efficient and effective way to manage portfolios. Supported by founding partner Schindler and technology partner Microsoft, this collaboration pools decades of building expertise and technological innovation into one solution provider.