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Built-in enterprise-grade security

Data breaches are a real and imminent threat in the real estate sector, with potentially catastrophic financial, reputational and legal consequences. At BuildingMinds, we place the highest priority on securing customers’ data from any kind of potential cybersecurity risk and offer a solution with enterprise-grade security features:

  • Built on the proven and secure cloud infrastructure offered by Microsoft Azure, BuildingMinds provides a single access and management plane for all its data, enabling complete control, audit trails and seamless access along the entire building and portfolio life cycle
  • Building on the flexibility of Microsoft Azure Cloud, the security measures are penetration test-approved
  • BuildingMinds is officially ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified
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Full data ownership

The BuildingMinds solution keeps data right where it belongs: in your hands. The only people who control access to the data are the customers themselves:

  • The platform is built on a micro-service structure, in which every service operates separately and remains the owner of its data storage. This allows a role-based access control to be structured at the object-level (such as sites or buildings) and enables granular level permissions. To further verify access permissions, user IDs and the associated permissions are stored in the authorization data storage. The authentication mechanism relies on Azure Active Directory and OAuth 2 standard for Authentication.
  • We apply encryption to all data, both at rest and in transit. Through continuous vulnerability scans, regular internal and external security audits, multi-point code reviews, and SIEM monitoring, we strive to minimize potential attack vectors and the chance of security incidents
  • You decide what data is processed on the platform and the stored data is restricted to ensure the functionality of the software itself. Both the BuildingMinds platform and its partners comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As part of the data onboarding process, all data streams are harmonized and validated, and the platform ensures data integrity through regular plausibility checks

Third-party data security

Wherever data comes from, we ensure maximum data integrity and security:

  • During data onboarding, customer data is transferred to the platform via either the platform’s file storage or the general connector from IoT or customer systems. The data is then transferred to the trusted, restricted area where it can be safely integrated by the platform’s various micro-services
  • We incorporate standard protocols that facilitate data exchange with third-party service providers such as IoT sensors, energy meters or tenants. We verify that partners adhere to best practices, conduct penetration tests and have an appropriate response process for all major security incidents
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