Partnerships Metry

Metry is a utility provider operating mainly Europe, offering automated energy and utility data collection, quality assurance and structuring. The company feeds data from its platform directly into the BuildingMinds platform.


Partnerships MunichRE

MunichRE provides insights into physical climate risk across multiple locations, scenarios and timeframes. Its risk reporting covers a wide range of physical risks, including climate change and natural disasters. Risk assessment data from MunichRe flows directly and automatically into the BuildingMinds platform, enabling you to evaluate current and future risks and take smart decisions across your global real estate portfolio.


Partnerships CRESB

BuildingMinds is Premier Data Partner of GRESB, the world's leading reporting tool for measuring the performance of real estate companies and funds on key sustainability issues. The BuildingMinds platform allows you to transfer asset-level performance data to the GRESB portal automatically via API.


Partnerships Deskbird

Deskbird is a standalone, employee-facing solution for employees to see who is in the office and book desks, meeting rooms or even parking spots. To improve its data-based insights, it integrates with the BuildingMinds platform in its backend.


Partnerships LineMetrics

Austria-based LineMetrics provides a simple way to collect sensor data from buildings, offering plug-and-play data collection and data transfer from all kinds of devices. LineMetrics' sensors collect data from dozens of meters, enabling BuildingMinds' customers to analyze and optimize their operations online in real time.


Partnerships Metr

Metr Building Management Systems provides full-service smart/sub-metering, specializing in drinking water and heating systems. The company works closely with BuildingMinds to create a smooth process, from collecting building consumption data to ESG reporting.


Partnerships Microsoft

Multinational technology corporation Microsoft is at the forefront of technology. As BuildingMinds' strategic technology partner, the company provides its Azure cloud capability to our platform.


Customers Schindler

Schindler is a world-recognized brand name and industry leader in the field of elevators and smart transit, with a market capitalization of more than EUR 20 billion and over 1,000 offices in 100 different countries. Founding partner and sole investor in BuildingMinds, Schindler is proud to use our solutions.



The CRREM Risk Assessment Tool, developed by the EU-funded research project CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor) is the global industry standard for carbon risk analysis. It helps real estate managers align their portfolio with the requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement by providing transparency on the required long-term decarbonization targets. CRREM helps managers identify the necessary retrofit measures and reduces the risk of "stranded assets" – buildings that are not able to meet future energy efficiency standards and whose energy upgrade is not financially viable.

Unique among our competitors, BuildingMinds has fully integrated the CRREM Risk Assessment Tool into its platform. The Chief Scientific Officer at BuildingMinds, Dr. Jens Hirsch, is also Chairman of the CRREM Scientific Advisory Committee, ensuring that BuildingMinds remains up to date with CRREM's methodology and targets.

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