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The real estate industry is changing rapidly. At BuildingMinds, we prepare real estate managers for the trends and unexpected challenges of tomorrow. We empower businesses – by making them adaptable, resilient and agile.

Our team of more than 100 outstanding experts from diverse backgrounds use the power of data to create a more sustainable and profitable real estate industry. Our cooperative approach, interdisciplinary teamwork and flat hierarchy enable us to learn and innovate. BuildingMinds – real estate management services from professionals, for professionals.


Our vision is to transform real estate from a resource-consuming industry into a resource- generating industry.


We help create a digital brain that enables the owners and managers of real estate to drive the performance of their portfolios, both in terms of day-to-day operations and long-term strategy.

Our team

Our experts use the power of data to build a more sustainable real estate industry.
team Marek Sacha

Marek Sacha

Chief Executive Officer

In 2016, Marek Sacha was included by Forbes on its 30-under-30 list of the brightest young entrepreneurs, leaders and stars aged under 30.

A former consultant at McKinsey & Company, Marek boasts a strong entrepreneurial background and a profound knowledge of tech. He was previously CEO of online trading platform XOM Materials. He also co-founded and led award-winning UK digital healthcare platform Cera Care and top European online grocery retailer Rohlik Group.

team Tobias Decker

Tobias Decker

Chief Product Officer

Tobias joined BuildingMinds after almost 18 years at SAP. He now leads our Products Team, which includes specialists in data analytics, sustainability and scientific research, data platforms, and product design and management.

team Marcel Steffen

Marcel Steffen

Chief Finance Officer

After many years at Schindler Group, Marcel now leads the Finance Team at BuildingMinds. Within his department, he also oversees contract and legal matters.

team Jorge Del Carpio

Jorge Del Carpio

Chief Operating Officer

A banker turned fintech entrepreneur, Jorge now provides innovative solutions to commercial real estate managers around the globe, specializing in the areas of decarbonization, sustainability targets and overall asset portfolio management. He is an expert in PropTech, CREtech and climate tech.

Jorge has worked and studied in the United Kingdom, United States, China, Germany and Peru. He holds an international MBA (USA/China) from Questrom School of Business, Boston University.

team Christoph Korzenek

Christoph Korzenek

Chief Commercial Officer

Christoph joined BuildingMinds as CCO after many years working in executive and consulting positions at leading firms.

team Duncan Binger

Duncan Binger

Chief Technology Officer

A former consultant at BearingPoint, Duncan is an experienced team leader and program manager. He is passionate about technology and how it can be leveraged to build innovative products. He has particular expertise in smart buildings, digital products and cloud platforms, and is responsible at BuildingMinds for development, DevOps, architecture and data science/AI.

Duncan has a PhD in Physics from the University of Bristol, UK.

team Maite Ullah

Maité Ullah

Chief People Officer

Maité has more than 12 years' international experience in human resources, including learning and development, and recruiting.


Time flies – and with time, comes experience

BuildingMinds was founded in 2019 by Schindler Group, the Swiss multinational manufacturer of escalators, moving walkways and elevators, to meet the company's need for building data monitoring and management.

With EUR 150 million in funding from Schindler and technological support from Microsoft, we have since expanded to become a major international provider of software as a service (SaaS) to real estate managers, meeting their needs in the areas of reporting and ESG, portfolio management and digital building twins. Our portfolio of services is continuously growing.

We help create a digital brain that drives the performance of real estate portfolios, boosting efficiency, sustainability and long-term value.

Marek Sacha Circle
Marek Sacha
CEO, BuildingMinds

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