Resilient Real Estate

We help customers safeguard the value of their real assets. Stakeholders all along the real estate value chain face challenges in controlling for risk, regulatory hurdles and cost pressures.

Leveraging AI and machine learning, the knowledge of a team of sustainability experts and our agile technology platform, BuildingMinds provides a path to preserve asset valuation, helping to forecast, manage and overcome many challenges within the real estate market.

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Our solutions

Driving the digitization
of real estate

BuildingMinds' cloud-based platform for real estate portfolio management addresses needs ranging from operational cost planning through to long-term strategy and attracting quality capital. From regulatory reporting to portfolio management, we show you the way to a sustainable and profitable future.

Our data management

No more spreadsheets

Our innovative approach to data collection and storage gives you access to all the data you need, when you need it. And that means less time spent searching for missing data points, simplified reporting – and ultimately the ability to take better decisions.

A powerful network

Thanks to our global network of business partners, we offer you best-in-class support when it comes to advanced data collection, state-of-the-art technology and the latest data on sustainability issues.

Ready to turn your ESG goals into actions?

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