23 December 2021

agradblue° and BuildingMinds' Promising Partnership Outset

BuildingMinds welcomes its new partner agradblue°, whose flagship is an optimization-focused approach of integrated planning with sustainability, building performance, and carbon analytics.

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19 November 2021

A Collaboration Focused on the Future: BuildingMinds and LineMetrics Join Forces

How to provide fertile ground for a more sustainable tomorrow? Future-oriented goals call for the input of bright minds.

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13 April 2021

CO2 emissions from the building sector: A reckoning is (fast) approaching

Over the next few years, many buildings are set to become huge cost burdens as "stranded assets". Why? Well, because of the future price regime for CO2 emissions. A relatively simple calculation reveals the potentially significant financial fallout investors and corporates face if they fail to take their environmental responsibilities seriously.

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8 March 2021

‘C’ stands for future: Cooperation is required to meet our challenges

It’s clear that cooperation is required if we want to seriously meet the challenges of climate change and tackle the current and future pandemics. But that’s not all.

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1 March 2021

‘C’ stands for future: The fight against climate change is on all agendas

Exploiting the full power of data will enable our industry to fight against climate change - the second C from the World Economic Forum’s report released in Mid-January.

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18 February 2021

‘C’ stands for future: Covid-19 teaches us to better use data

In mid-January, the World Economic Forum focused on the three “Cs” in its report: Covid-19, climate and cooperation. The same three Cs will also shape the real estate industry throughout 2021. Time is of the essence but data can provide us with the answers we need.

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15 October 2020

Next step: Breaking data silos

The digitalization process offers many opportunities - but is also full of hurdles, companiesstruggle to overcome. Missing or low quality data is getting in the way of real estatecompanies embracing the benefits of digital transformation.

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8 October 2020

"A lack of urgency would have serious consequences."

The EU is setting tougher climate reduction targets and is planning on including the building sector. Once again it’s showing how decarbonization is one of real estate’s most pressing future challenges. Time, as our CEO Jens Müller knows, is of the essence.

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1 October 2020

"Transparent real estate is intrinsically more valuable"

The Corona crisis has contributed to an unintended but long-overdue leap in digitalization in real estate. 75 % of German real estate companies have turned their focus more towards this topic as a result of recent developments.

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21 August 2020

Lukewarm water

Finally, leaving the lockdown behind us – who would not wish for that? But what comes next? Our attention will continue to focus almost exclusively on further containment of the Corona pandemic.

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