14 November 2022

SFDR reporting 2023: what it is, who it concerns and how to comply.

The European Union has been amping up its ESG and sustainability initiatives in an effort to reach its international environmental commitments and targets. SFDR – or the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation – is just one of these initiatives. But what is SFDR exactly, who does it apply to, what are its main challenges and how can you overcome them? Have a read through our blog post to find out.

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27 October 2022

How to simplify and improve GRESB reporting - Part II

Gathering all the information required to populate an ESG sustainability report – be it GRESB or ECORE – is a Herculean task, let alone if done manually. Read in this article how you can solve the biggest pain point: data collection. And how an automated and integrated ESG analysis and reporting data platform, like BuildingMinds, minimizes the risk involved in complex analyses with countless variables and constraints.

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13 October 2022

What is GRESB reporting and why should you do it? - Part I

The clock is ticking and sustainability can only be improved when it’s measured. That’s where green building evaluation systems in ESG reporting come into play, such as the GRESB (formerly known as Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark). GRESB results provide a practical way to understand ESG performance and communicate it to investors and other stakeholders. Read in this article how GRESB reporting works.

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4 October 2022

BuildingMinds introduces new ESG features

BuildingMinds partners with Munich Re to integrate its Location Risk Intelligence Platform for analysing and managing physical climate risks. Further new features for data collection, CO2 risk analysis and the simulation of retrofit scenarios enhance BuildingMinds’ solution scope and boost customers net-zero action plans.

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Photo of Marek Sacha
31 August 2022

New CEO Marek Sacha at BuildingMinds

Marek Sacha will step in as Chief Executive Officer at BuildingMinds on October 1, 2022. Coming in from the role of Chief Executive Officer at XOM Materials, Sacha will be leading the next phase of the company’s growth. In 2016, he was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30.

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blog teaser buildingminds zurich
10 May 2022

Net-zero by 2050: Challenge accepted.

How can you develop a net zero business strategy that takes moving variables and unpredictable factors into account? An exclusive article written by Roger Baumann, Roger Baumann, COO Global Real Estate & Head Product Development of Zurich Insurance and Jens Mueller, CEO BuildingMinds, for PwC’s book “ESG in real estate” has the answers. Get your copy and give this blog post a read to find out how net zero inspired a new business model based on data, determination and a clear action plan.

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ecore GRESB and CRREM logo
28 April 2022

CRREM, ECORE or GRESB? Just make sure it’s at the touch of a button.

How can sustainability be measured and reported? Where do we need to focus our efforts to achieve the greatest positive impact? To answer all these and many other essential questions, we need objective, easily comparable data. And that is exactly what CRREM, ECORE and GRESB provide – when combined with a smart digitalization approach.

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blog overview image showing runner in winner pose
22 April 2022

Risk or opportunity? A smart digest on stranding asset prevention for insurance.

Manuel Holzhauer, Insurance Industry Executive at Microsoft, and Dr. Jens Hirsch, Head of Sustainability at BuildingMinds, explain how to calculate stranding asset risk.

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mipim logo
20 March 2022

MIPIM 2022: 3 Key Takeaways

MIPIM 2022, a four-day program of conferences, events, and exhibitions with over 3,800 exhibiting companies from 100 countries has finally reopened its doors in Cannes. We have put together a quick rundown of the main MIPIM 2022 takeaways and a thorough grasp of what this edition was all about.

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stylized buildingminds logo build of of people of the company
6 March 2022

A three-year adventure to make real estate a digital ecosystem – an interim conclusion

On 6th March 2019, BuildingMinds was established. Today, company CEO Jens Mueller reflects on the foundation and beginnings of the enterprise, marked by steep learning curves, unexpected drawbacks, and why the slogan “2030 half. 2050 all.” has become a turning point. Are three years enough to transform bricks and mortar into digital ecosystems? BuildingMinds – today a team of 100 – set out to create outstanding customer value with a SaaS solution that will drive sustainable and data-driven future.

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