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Resilient Real Estate

Meet BuildingMinds

3 min

Marek Sacha - CEO

  • Marek Sacha

Our CEO, Marek Sacha, shares his insights regarding the hurdles faced by the industry, including rising borrowing expenses, declining asset values, and the transition towards adaptable workspaces. Despite the fluctuations experienced in 2023, Marek conveys an optimistic perspective and emphasizes how BuildingMinds stands in the frontline to support clients during these challenging times.

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Jens Hirsch - Chief Scientific Officer

Our Chief Scientific Officer Jens Hirsch deep dives in explaining how the technology of BuildingMinds caters to the customers in overcoming the most difficult challenges. Being customer facing and coming from the scientific community, Jens has been working on project aiming to provide transparent targets that align with the Paris Climate Agreement’s targets.

1 min

Alessandro Sposato - Head of Product Design

Head of Product Design Alessandro Sposato shares his insights on the engagement in improving BuildingMinds' user experience with his team. He leads projects addressing user and customer needs, discussing the product's evolution and the importance of updating the user experience for greater flexibility and success.

1 min

Cecelia Pye - Head of Professional Services

Join Cecelia Pye, our Head of Professional Services, as she delves into the intricacies of managing successful projects in collaboration with clients and customers. Cecelia discusses her team's innovative approach to driving portfolio decarbonization projects by seamlessly integrating master and consumption data into the platform. Moreover, she sheds light on the launch of a pioneering smart metering pilot designed to accurately monitor building consumption data.

2 min

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