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Sustainability Targets


Sustainability Targets at a glance

Sustainability targets are science-based objectives that outline the decarbonization pathways with which real estate assets must align to adhere to the Paris Agreement by 2050. The Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) provides such pathways through 2050 for buildings of different types in different countries. The aim of these pathways is to define what buildings – substantial emitters of Greenhouse Gases – must do to keep global warming under 1.5°C or 2.0°C until the end of the century.

Reducing carbon
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The CRREM pathways include science-based carbon emission targets. While an emission factor is a coefficient representing the rate at which a given activity releases greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere, the CO2 emission targets ("carbon intensity", measured in kgCO2e/(m2 * year)) are the coefficient goal building carbon emissions are set to reach. Together with our net energy demand targets ("energy intensity", measured in kWh/(m2 * year)), they make our platform uniquely rigorous in its methodology.

Besides the application of industry-standard pathways such as CRREM, BuildingMinds enables its customers to make use of their company-specific decarbonization targets for example related to the 'Science Based Targets initiative' (SBTi) or a membership in the UN-convened 'Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance' (NZAOA). Our sustainability experts work closely with customers to turn these long-term reduction targets into yearly building-specific plans, which are integrated into our platform for ongoing tracking.

What does this mean
for you?

Users of our platform can choose between CRREM sustainability targets based on the 2°C or the more ambitious 1.5°C global warming scenario. In total, the platform contains more than 6,000 uniquely customized targets.

BuildingMinds has chosen to share its sustainability targets publicly. Navigate the table below to discover them according to your country and asset type.

Supported countries
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Employing science-based targets is key for real estate portfolios to reach the Paris Agreement by 2050. At BuildingMinds, we empower our clients to boost their assets' performance, providing them the scientific basis to plan together a strategic shift towards a net-zero future.

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