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The solution that comes with a plus

BuildingMinds offers more than just a specialized real estate management solution. When choosing BuildingMinds you’ll take advantage of a unique approach:

  • Our real estate data platform allows you to integrate with any system or software
  • Thanks to a specifically developed data model, your data are prepared for any real estate management use case and any kind of analytics
  • We cover your use cases of choice – from portfolio and building management to ESG reporting and advanced decarbonization
  • Our data orchestration services support you on every step of your journey from data cleansing to advanced consulting

Our pricing reflects the individual situations and needs of our customers and is based on the size of our customers’ building portfolio, the digital maturity of our customers’ organizations and the use cases our customers individually require.

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ESG Management Solution

Do you want to efficiently analyze your emissions, report on your sustainability efforts, calculate carbon risk or understand the impact of your retrofit measures? This solution provides you with a three-step approach:

  • Standard: Conduct resource consumption and carbon emission analysis
  • Advanced: Determine the impact of carbon-related cost, forecast the timeline of asset stranding, and report on your sustainability efforts according to e.g. GRESB or the EU Taxonomy
  • Plus: Analyze which retrofit measures impact your portfolio’s carbon footprint most effectively and compare carbon emissions of retrofit measures with operational savings over time
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Corporate Real Estate Management Solution

Do you want to manage your corporate real estate from the global portfolio level down to single buildings through a single insights cockpit? This solution gives you a powerful foundation with specialized accelerators:

  • Solution Standard: Oversee you portfolio down to single buildings for strategic location management, monitor and manage building cost and lease contracts, and analyze emissions to calculate your footprint
  • Accelerators: Add specific services to optimize workspaces and enhance employee well-being, health and safety
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Data Orchestration Service

Our team of data strategists, engineers and analysts accompanies you on a customized, step-by-step journey that will enable you to unleash the full power of your data.

  • Included: You have IT experts in your team and are ready to implement the service yourself? Then this is the service level for you
  • Advanced: You don’t have the IT capacities in your team? Then you might want to go with this service
  • Plus: You’re looking for enhanced support on data collection and strategy development? Then you should choose this individual service
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Integrated Platform Core

The platform core comes as an integral component of every solution and allows you to use your data for any real estate use case.

  • The platform is your centralized access point for data from all your different systems, with built-in enterprise-grade security safety and an advanced user authentication concept
  • An integration ecosystem with Smart Services and hundreds of open and standard APIs to connect any system, software or application
  • A Digital Building Twin and the Common Data Model for Real Estate make any data utilizable
  • Gain holistic portfolio insights with a portfolio map overview, building information, equipment inventory and document collection
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