Resilient Real Estate

Risk, cost and resiliency data management

BuildingMinds meets the needs of real estate professionals across the value chain, providing building or unit-level data flows to enable reporting, risk and profitability outputs while accounting for interdependencies related to portfolio management.

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The single source of truth for all asset and portfolio data

Risk management starts with clarity

Predict physical risk to build strategies for managing climate expected loss and understand potential market risk related to stranded assets by calculating GHG impact and cost associated carbon emissions.

Assurance-ready reporting data to clear regulatory hurdles

Tackle reporting and compliance requirements efficiently and accurately with data fed through the BuildingMinds platform, a secure, single source for data needed for regulatory reporting pertaining to GHG emissions and energy efficiency standards.

Optimize for financial gains

Get the visibility needed to increase net-operating-income (NOI) while reducing energy consumption. Leverage machine learning-based retrofit recommendations, provide CapEx and saving estimations. Explore algorithm-driven energy consumption projections.

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Protect valuation

From insights to actions. Drive your decarbonization targets and increase your net-operating-income (NOI):

  • Machine learning-based retrofit recommendations provide CapEx and saving estimations for secure capital planning.
  • Smart automated data collection of energy, resources and emissions monitoring. Data gap estimation and plausibility checks for higher data quality.
  • Increase asset value by lowering energy expenses through our utility monitoring system, proactively calculate future carbon taxes, and stay ahead of potential carbon costs that may impact your investments.
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Clear regulatory hurdles

Tackle reporting and compliance requirements with data feed through the BuildingMinds platform, a secure, single source of truth for data required for regulatory reporting:

  • Easy reporting for international regulations and reports such as GRESB, Energy Star, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, CSRD and more.
  • Data snapshots and change logs for assurance- or audit-ready data.
  • Accelerated reporting with BuildingMinds’ GRESB data quality dashboard, featuring API integration with the GRESB portal. Visualizations simplify and streamline the reporting process for improved scores.
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De-risk your portfolio

Future-proof your portfolio and safeguard its value by understanding financial, physical and stranding risks.

  • Follow the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor’s (CRREM) framework to decarbonization in accordance with the Paris Agreement. Avoid stranding risk and calculate the impact of retrofits.
  • Predict physical risk across portfolio geographics. Apply risk, hazard and climate hazard scores established by our partner Munich RE.
  • Merge the physical and the digital with a Digital Building Twin to manage and analyse building performance.
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Our platform is designed to safeguard the value of your portfolio

Hassle-free data management

Simplified data collection through APIs. Improved data quality and completeness through plausibility checks, data gap estimation and anomaly detection.

Taxonomy alignment assessment

Workflows with data populated from the digital twin to assess Taxonomy alignment, including adaptation and mitigation criteria.

GRESB reporting

With a direct API integration to GRESB, we support preparation of all quantitative inputs. Easy visualization of data gaps can help improve scoring.

Retrofit recommender

Automated estimation of retrofit investment costs and energy savings. Optimal retrofit results with the help of machine learning-trained data sets.

Advanced energy management

See energy consumption across any relevant utilities for a building and take it one step further: leverage an algorithm adapted the profile of a building to predict future consumption.

Data coverage

Be more effective in preparing for GRESB and other critical assessments by understanding the composition of the full portfolio of data.

Together with BuildingMinds, we are leveraging the power of ESG data to realize effective emission reductions through data modelling and reduction scenario analytics.

Roger Baumann
Roger Baumann
COO and Head of Product Development Global Real Estate at Zurich

A platform that puts you in full control of your data

Create a single source of truth

Reporting and ESG

Real estate managers are often drowning in data. BuildingMinds helps you navigate the complexities, storing all your data in a single place so you can access the right data, of the right quality, at the right time. Our state-of-the-art platform also makes it easy to reuse the same data for multiple ESG reporting standards, such as GRESB, SFDR and ISSB.

  • Resource consumption & emissions analytics
  • ESG reporting
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Plan and implement strategy

Portfolio management

Ready to make more reliable, data-driven decisions on your journey to net zero? Analyze your emissions, what they will cost you and what you need to change in the coming years to turbocharge the performance of your assets.

  • Carbon risk & cost prediction
  • Retrofit planning & impact simulation
  • Portfolio performance management
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Keep control of your assets

Digital building twin

Managing corporate real estate assets can be challenging. Our solutions help you plan and run your assets on a day-to-day basis, monitoring usage and identifying any potential cost improvements.

  • Wellbeing KPIs
  • Equipment management
  • Workspace management
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Ready to turn your ESG goals into actions?

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