Diligence & Security

We handle data privacy, 
security and compliance with care

Approved by external validation

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We are a certified company

ISO 27001 certification provides external validation of our approach.

  • Annual recertification or audits to review our approach to security

  • Each audit provides feedback on areas for improvement

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Continuous Security Stress-testing

Specialized Security Consultants

Valkyrie has assessed the implementation and roll-out of the used platforms (Microsoft Azure, M365, Confluence, Miro) within the Building Minds organisation. After reviewing the platforms, these are considered to be set up correctly with security in mind and are aligned with security best practices.

Gurpreet Singh Thathy
Director of Cyber Security and Electronic Counter Measures, Valkyrie

Security training and support


Security test and support by CYEsec

CYEsec provides ongoing support 

  • Regular penetration test for all existing features and on-demand

  • Security software development lifecycle (SSDLC) training

  • Incident response/ procedure training 

  • Crisis management/ Tabletop exercises

Partnerships Microsoft

Ongoing trainings from Microsoft

Microsoft provides security training and support

  • Training for our engineers on secure development

  • Support for secure use of Microsoft Azure and other tools

  • Threat modelling for the platform together with BuildingMinds' security experts

Security-first organisation

Dedicated security operations expert

Dedicated security operations expert

An expert with over 10 years specialist experience, managing all security operations. Our expert Team Lead for Security Operations is established in the organisational structure of BuildingMinds. His team is supported by DevOps engineers ensuring we maintain the high security-level expected by our customers to safeguard their data.

We prioritize cybersecurity to protect customer data, ensure privacy, and maintain safety. This commitment strengthens trust, safeguards our reputation, and contributes to a secure digital ecosystem.

Alex Lima
Alexandre Lima
Team Lead SecOps