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Clear regulatory hurdles

Streamline your reporting process across global frameworks and reporting requirements like GRESB, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, CSRD, ISSB, NY Local Law 97, BERDO and others. Use the BuildingMinds platform as a reliable, single source for regulatory reporting related to GHG emissions and energy efficiency standards. Minimize manual work and decrease the chances of mistakes.

EU Taxonomy

Our EU Taxonomy solution is a simple questionnaire focused on building-level information related to objectives and activities. It covers the real estate section 7.7 (Acquisition and ownership) for climate change mitigation, with sections 7.1 - 7.6 on the roadmap.

ESG reporting

GRESB reporting

Submit various certificates, energy ratings, and EV charging data for each building to ensure precise energy consumption calculations and enjoy seamless asset data submission through API integration.

ESG reporting

SFDR Reporting (Article 6,8,9)

Collect and overview data points to report on SFDR to enable reilable data validation for Article 6, 8 and in some cases 9 funds. Our platform also enables reporting coverage across 4 Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs). The two mandatory PAIs include Energy inefficiency and Fossil fuels exposure while the two optional PAIs are GHG Emissions and Energy intensity.

Operational carbon emissions

BM platform automatically calculates your operational carbon footprint, visualizes KPIs for emissions across all buildings, and converts energy consumption and fugitives into CO2-equivalents based on industry standards. You can track total emissions and intensity figures over time.

Track and action energy ratings and certificates

Get an overview across your portfolio or see an individual green building certificate, EPC or Energy Star certificate, with automated import of core data points for various certificate types, linking them to an asset's Digital Twin. The portfolio level dashboard shows the information on BREEAM, LEED, MINERGIE, HQE and DGNB certificates and view Energy Ratings from EPCs and Energy Star certificates.

With BuildingMinds we are able to give our data a system-based home, so we can understand the "what is" and shape the "what will be".

Michael Widschwendter, MBA MRICS
Michael Widschwendter
Head of Asset Management, AREALIS

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