Protect valuation

Data-driven investment decisions can increase your asset’s net-operating income (NOI). BuildingMinds’ retrofit recommender provides CapEx and saving estimations to safeguard the value of your asset. Intelligent, automated data collection helps save time and improve data quality, enabling you to monitor energy costs and emissions while leveraging our platform’s advanced energy modeling predictive functions.

Smarter CapEx planning via AI-driven retrofit recommendations

Estimate the optimal allocation of CapEx linked to a mix of relevant retrofits for a building. Calculate investment costs and energy savings (electricity, heating) for recommended retrofits, specifying targets for maximum costs and/or minimum savings, and estimating costs and savings for pre-determined retrofits.

Meaningful data quality strategies

BuildingMinds addresses data quality across 5 critical areas. For example, the algorithms in our platform verify the plausibility of each energy consumption value, maintaining high data quality standards. You can review status of anomalous data points and select which values to include in data flows and reporting.

Asset management linked to performance, sustainability

BuildingMinds' lease data management functions gather, analyze, and interpret lease-related information to enhance building performance. Utilizing data-driven insights enables building managers to optimize lease administration, mitigate risks, and maintain compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

Automated data collection

Utility consumption monitoring from smart meters at various levels or utility invoices, offering an overview of usage across a building portfolio. Through direct connections to utility providers wherever possible, we ensure data remains intact, traceable and accurate.

Decarbonization planning

Run real-time simulations of retrofit measures to model impact on building or portfolio performance, with an overview of relevant KPIs (CapEx, energy and carbon savings, efficiency). This feature allows for budget planning and alignment with decarbonization requirements.

Together with BuildingMinds, we are leveraging the power of ESG data to realize effective emission reductions through data modelling and reduction scenario analytics.

Roger Baumann
Roger Baumann
COO and Head of Product Development Global Real Estate at Zurich

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