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Digital building twin

Digital building twins are highly accurate virtual replicas of physical assets that reflect real-time data. They combine static and dynamic information, integrating spaces, equipment, sensors and documents into a single ecosystem – making it easier for you to manage individual buildings or an entire real estate portfolio.

Workspace management

Our space visualization and real-time analysis of utilization and performance make it easy for you to optimize your existing space, identify cost savings and make solid, data-driven decisions.

icon Workspace Planning

Workspace planning and management

Plan and manage your workspaces using our workspace management module.

icon Desk Booking

Desk booking

Reserve spaces and desks with the help of our digital desk-booking solution.

icon Workspace Optim

Workspace optimization

Identify potential cost improvements and optimize your future workplace requirements.

Together with BuildingMinds, we are leveraging the power of ESG data to realize effective emission reductions through data modelling and reduction scenario analytics.

Roger Baumann
Roger Baumann
COO and Head of Product Development Global Real Estate at Zurich

Digital building twin

Create a virtual replica of your physical assets, updated with real-time data.

icon Digital Twin

Digital twin

Digital visualizations of your buildings enable you to manage layout and monitor the use and performance of equipment. That makes it easy to identify any retrofits that may be needed, such as replacing old heating systems to reduce emissions.

icon Doc Repository

Document repository

Store all your documents in a single place, including floorplans, invoices and building certificates.

icon Building Monitoring

Building monitoring

Install sensors that monitor and analyze data on building conditions, temperatures, occupancy and resource usage, even at the level of individual floors.

Demand for data-driven intelligence in building management and real estate asset optimization is significant – and growing. Combining our industry insights and our digitization expertise enables BuildingMinds to play a role in leading the change taking place in the sector.

Silvio Napoli
Silvio Napoli
CEO of Schindler Group

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