About BuildingMinds

BuildingMinds is dedicated to disrupting and reshaping the future of the building management industry. Together with Microsoft, we accomplish this by helping building owners realize the full value in their assets. As well as increasing the value of their properties, owners can more effectively manage them through real-time transparency on compliance, usage optimization, reduced energy and service costs, and increased tenant satisfaction.

Today, properties use different supplier applications, often unconnected with one another. As digitization advances, real estate owners face the challenge of managing the data locked in such an array of diverse applications within their portfolio of buildings.
Jens Müller, Chief Operating Officer at BuildingMinds

Diversity is our core...

When all think alike, then no one is thinking. At BuildingMinds, we are strong believers in diversity, curiosity and teamwork. No matter who you are or where you’re from, join us to be inspired and inspire us too.
Zheyan Chen, Head of HR & Recruitment at BuildingMinds

Leadership Team

We are building a diverse team of industry experts from a broad range of backgrounds, unique perspectives, and professional skills. Our leadership team is made up of forward-thinking executives with a proven track record of successful innovation for the enterprise.