The COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally shifted our world and society in ways not seen in generations.

On the positive side, a silver lining of a post-corona world exists in the idea of a crisis always containing within it opportunity.

A recent MIT study showed that in the United States only about 5% of employees worked from home prior to the pandemic. Now that number is near 30% and likely to rise. Similar numbers have been logged for employees in Europe and Asia.

Furthermore, that share is unlikely to change in the medium term and, most likely, even into the post-corona world when employers realize the advantages of digital working. Experts say this locked-in “work from home force” will drive digitalization trends like never before as the workspace moves into the virtual space. If anything, the approximate third of the workforce currently working-from-home will likely move toward 40% and beyond in the years after 2020.

With flexible, remote working expanding to an important share of the workforce, agile office space management based on comprehensive data capturing and analytics becomes a new opportunity to maintain and enhance profitability.