December 23, 2021

agradblue° and BuildingMinds' Promising Partnership Outset

agradblue° and BuildingMinds' Promising Partnership Outset

BuildingMinds welcomes its new partner agradblue°, whose flagship is an optimization-focused approach of integrated planning with sustainability, building performance, and carbon analytics. Real estate data is a powerful tool for today's property owners. In this industry, skilfully handling data leads to obtaining remarkable environmental, economic, and social benefits. While BuildingMinds offers unparalleled insights thanks to data integration, agradblue° excels in interpreting data and managing technical matters to meet de-carbonisation targets

For starters, agradblue°, is an expert in energy audits, offering services that include all consulting and planning tasks aimed at optimization. The company puts forward an exhaustive retrofit-related offer, i.e., conducting retrofit analysis, suggesting retrofit capabilities, driving measures for refurbishment and giving cost estimation. agradblue° also offers integrated consulting services, from sustainability certificates for new and existing buildings to ecological aspects in the choice of materials, carbon reduction strategies, and scoring models. All in all—energy audits, data models and portfolio analyses—the company offers strong support in risk management, able to assist you in implementing regulatory requirements if necessary. With BuildingMinds' product capabilities, the partnership between these two companies opens doors to highly informed decision-making processes for customers.  

Moreover, agradblue°, operates in institutional real estate management in Europe and beyond—with the DACH region believed to be one of the most attractive real estate areas worldwide—where the company has grown to be a known and respected figure. When BuildingMinds teams up with selected partners, besides unleashing the highest level of expertise for all customers and projects, we strive to create a two-way inner flow of energy between partnering companies. So when BuildingMinds joins forces with agradblue°,, the operation aims both to create added value for real estate owners in the DACH region and to jointly make mutual clients an integrated offering.

agradblue°, has an EU taxonomy compliance check, enabling them to estimate the part of data missing in the data collection methodology by going onsite to the buildings for auditing to get the details. At BuildingMinds, being known for our API-first approach, we greatly appreciate situations when various types of data can be integrated, processed, and connected. As with our other partners across all relevant branches—from technology and industry initiatives to service partners— agradblue°, 's value gives us a wide range of new opportunities (like developing Capture X and other partners' products, for example, data from sensors). BuildingMinds and agradblue°, have agreed on a common data structure. When agradblue°, shares the file in the data structure, we can map it to our CDM using the script.

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