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The smart way to gather data

BuildingMinds’ smart data survey tool finally puts an end to manual data gathering via fault-prone Excel spreadsheets and emails. How? Its custom-built data entry forms and workflows minimize human error while maximizing efficiency. CaptureX is built to improve manual data entry and to complement already existing data collection methods, for example for ESG reporting, with multiple advantages:

  • All data entry scenarios are covered, thanks to pre-defined or customized survey templates
  • Quick onboarding and minimized error rates through easy and intuitive user interface
  • Seamless multi-stakeholder collaboration across functions and geographies
  • Identification of efficiency potential in data-gathering processes and methods

Replace spreadsheets and embrace smart techniques

  • Little to no training required
  • Pre-defined as well as customized survey templates
  • Progress tracking of data collection and survey results in real time
  • Seamless multi-stakeholder collaboration inside and outside the organization
  • Automated import of structured data to the BuildingMinds platform
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