Ideal Candidate

  • Do you love working in a multicultural environment?
  • Do you excel at cross-functional teamwork?
  • Is it in your DNA to go the extra mile to achieve the vision?
  • Does it fulfill you to see your contributions fit together to form a bigger picture?
  • Do you thrive in an environment where you are encouraged to think creatively and try new things?
  • You could be our next amazing team member!

Our Culture

As an early stage startup, we offer the freedom to be creative and forward-thinking that comes from being on the front end of disrupting an entire industry. With the full backing of Schindler, we also have the stability, support and resources of an established world leader in the buildings industry. This enables BuildingMinds to bring together the best of two worlds to create a truly unique culture of creativity, accelerated innovation, and learning.

We value speed, agility, creativity, and doing whatever it takes to meet our goals.

We are growing a team of experts from different backgrounds focused on the common goal of pushing the revolution in building management past its tipping point. What happens when we achieve that goal? We don’t know yet, but won’t stop there!

Our Values

Customer Centricity

Customer experience is the core and the rationale in all we do. Our biggest aim is to create value with and for our customers.

Passion for Innovation

Disruptive innovation is deeply rooted in our daily work: We revolutionize an industry. We are willing to experiment and “fail fast” to learn, pivot and focus.


We work closely as a team, communicate openly and support each other. Living the team spirit with having fun, satisfaction and passion.


We think “green”, having positive impact on the environment and thus on society.


We believe that speed is key to survive in the market. We keep things simple and make fast decisions.


We respect, trust and empower each employee from every background. We act with integrity, transparency and true honesty.