Calculating carbon risk with CRREM

Turning pathways into actions

BuildingMinds is the first real estate data platform that integrates the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM), which makes it possible to precisely determine the stranding risk of an asset based on its emission and energy data. The BuildingMinds solution makes it possible to:

  • Define carbon reduction pathways and compare the performance of assets with Paris climate targets on the basis of CRREM
  • Analyze performance over time based on energy mix and predicted consumption for entire portfolios, regions, business units or individual buildings
  • Conduct carbon cost simulations to analyze the impact on the overall value development of buildings and portfolios

Why CRREM is the key to net zero for real estate

With real estate-specific decarbonization targets on the single asset level, the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor framework (CRREM, provides a clear overview of actual stranding risks and makes it possible to determine emission reduction pathways. Based on the remaining global greenhouse gas emission budget that complies with the Paris climate targets, the CRREM project represents a methodology to break down the overall budget by countries and property types.

  • CRREM offers a science-based and well-documented methodology focusing on the commonly accepted indicator of carbon intensity (annual emissions per square meter)
  • Several large investor associations such as IIGCC and the UN-led PRI initiative recommend CRREM as best-practice when it comes to defining strategic targets for decarbonizing the real estate sector. It is also recommended as a standard within the UN Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance
  • CRREM decarbonization pathways differentiate various asset classes and cover all relevant investment countries enabling a global quantification of stranding risks
The only way to turn a presumption into a prediction is a dynamic, scenario-analytics approach that is industry-specific and able to adapt to changing regulations. Dr. Jens Hirsch Domain Expert Sustainability BuildingMinds

Manage ESG end-to-end

Analyzing, reporting or simulating actions about building or portfolio emissions needs one thing above all: Reliable and automated sustainability data management. BuildingMinds’ ESG Management Solution enables users to collect, evaluate and benchmark their data against different scoring systems, certificates and standards such as GRESB or CRREM. And its capabilities go much further, making possible to predict and simulate both stranding and retrofit actions with their respective ecological and financial implications.

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Join the ESG Masterclass

Starting a company’s sustainability journey is a complicated matter – especially in an industry as fragmented and complex as real estate. The experts at BuildingMinds have collected exclusive, actionable insights on key sustainability topics for portfolio managers, such as ESG reporting, data collection, carbon risk calculation and retrofit scenario analysis. Enroll for free and start receiving our five Email Masterclasses.


GRESB, simply delivered

GRESB is the world’s leading reporting tool to measure the ESG performance of real estate companies. BuildingMinds puts an end to time-consuming data gathering and fault-prone consolidation processes with largely automated data collection and submission. Plus, the way data is prepared enables the analysis of the collected data for much more than mere reporting.

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